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Replace toxic chemicals like bleach and oven cleaner with this eco-friendly powder for a safe, deep clean. Effortlessly tackles ovens, sinks, tubs, toilets and more. Your home deserves the best, and so does our planet.

Embrace the Power of Nature for a Deep Clean

Our Eco-Friendly Cleaning Powder harnesses the inherent abrasiveness of natural mineral ingredients to offer a powerful cleaning solution that effectively tackles tough stains and grime on a variety of surfaces. By choosing Cleaning Powder, you're opting for a deep clean that doesn't rely on harsh chemicals, ensuring your home remains safe and spotless.

Organic Lemon and Tea Tree: Refresh and Revitalize

Infused with the organic scents of Lemon and Tea Tree essential oils, Cleaning Powder doesn't just clean; it transforms your space with a refreshing and revitalising aroma. These carefully chosen organic oils leave behind a subtle, natural fragrance that enhances the ambience of your home, making cleaning a truly aromatic experience.


Cleaning Powder is easy to use. Simply sprinkle, scrub, and rinse for a deep clean, or leave on surfaces for those tough-to-tackle jobs.

Versatile Use Across Your Home

Designed for multipurpose cleaning, this powder efficiently tackles everything from ovens to tiles, and sinks to tubs. Its versatile nature means you can sprinkle it directly, form a paste, or even leave it to sit for deep-cleaning action. This adaptability makes it the ultimate solution for maintaining a spotless home, simplifying your cleaning regimen without compromising effectiveness.

Handcrafted in Wales

Each jar of Cleaning Powder is handcrafted with care and precision in the Welsh countryside. This commitment to small-batch production ensures the highest quality and purity, embodying our dedication to sustainability and the artisanal craftsmanship that sets All Purpose Cleaner apart from the rest.

Real Homes, Real Happiness

See how customers are transforming their cleaning experience.

I will NEVER buy oven pride again!!

"I bought a box of it as usual a few weeks ago for Xmas, so last night I put it all to soak like usual over night then today started scrubbing the inside, thought I’ll give the powder a try, well I wish I used it from the start!

The stubborn stains on the glass wouldn’t budge with my elbow grease foam and scrub daddy, but that paste and the wire sponge had it off in no time, and I hardly had to scrub, it just wiped straight off!

I will definitely be ordering more when it runs out it is a game changer!!!"


-Miar G

So clean

"Cleaned my porcelain sink today came up gleaming usually use bleach so happy not to use it now and the product smells great"

— Lucy A

Officially converted!

"I’m not really one for leaving reviews but after using this magic powder for the last few weeks I want to tell everyone about it! I’ve been a long time user of bleach and harsh cleaning products so I honestly didn’t have high expectations for a “natural cleaning powder” but I was so wrong. This powder has removed burnt on food from pots I thought would never be clean again, it shines my sink, my chrome is sparkling and it’s great for cleaning the dreaded toilet. A little goes a long way too so it will last for ages. I won’t be without this powder now and I’ve happily ditched the bleach!"

— Ramona B

Grease marks on chrome

"I used this powder with an e cloth on some very old grease marks and results were great, very impressed will be keeping this one!"

— Alison B
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Experience the Difference

Traditional deep cleaning agents like bleach and oven cleaners come with a heavy toll on our health and environment, laden with harmful chemicals that can cause irritation, allergies, and more serious health issues over time. Cleaning Powder offers a potent, non-toxic alternative.

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