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I just love this 😍 the scent and
it cleans amazingly.

Cleaning Powder
Emma Belili
Lovely products

Really happy with my purchases the products work really well and smell beautiful. I love that they are refillable. Thank you so much.

All Purpose Cleaner
Graham Woodcock
Good product and excellent service

The cleaning sprays bought by my wife were and absolute hit, effective, good residual odour and reasonably priced. One of the few products we have ever bought refills for When we did the company and I had a hiccup with delivery (which was a delay by Royal Mail) - I sent an email on a Friday evening while it was in my mind and expected a response after the weekend - not a bit of it - seven minutes later my phone buzzed with an incoming from Morgan explaining when she had posted etc and sure enough, just after the weekend Royal Mail eventually did their bit - absolutely outstanding service, well done all at Lavender and Lemon.

All Purpose Cleaner
Emma Belili
Love it :)

Fab product and lovely service. The cleaner works well, smells gorgeous and l love that the spray bottle (which looks great) is refillable. Thank you so much.

Lavender All Purpose cleaner

The Lavender cleaner smells absolutely devine. Doesn't smell clinical like most cleaners and I love the metal bottle it comes in as opposed to plastic.
Cleans well I just wish the smell lasted a bit longer in my home but I still love this cleaner and would happily repurchase.
Really good service aswell.

Hi Sophie. Thank you so much for your lovely review and kind words! ❤️ I’m so pleased that you love the All Purpose Cleaner.

I’m often asked how long the scent lasts so I thought I’d use your mention of it as an opportunity to explain why the natural scent doesn’t last as long as you might hope (and for anyone else who might be curious).

Lavender & Lemon products are scented with 100% natural organic essential oils. As you kindly noted, you will smell the beautiful oils as you clean (similar to if you were diffusing essential oils), but they will not linger in your home or on your clothes. The core reason why natural fragrances fade quicker than synthetic lies in their very essence. Derived directly from nature, these fragrances are made of molecules that, like anything natural, are designed to biodegrade. When exposed to air, heat, and the myriad of surfaces in your home, they gracefully degrade, just as nature intended. This is in stark contrast to the enduring presence of synthetic scents, which can cling stubbornly to surfaces, fabrics and your skin due to Phthalates.

Phthalates are a group of toxic chemicals used (among many other things) to “fix” fragrance to a product. They are why synthetic scents linger in your home hours after you’ve finished spraying surfaces or why you can still smell your clean laundry days after it’s been washed. Unfortunately, phthalates are linked to multiple serious health issues so I have purposely excluded them from all Lavender & Lemon products.

Of course, I want your home to smell clean and inviting for as long as possible but I don’t believe it should be at risk to your health or the environment so you can enjoy the natural scent of Lavender & Lemon products whilst you clean safe in the knowledge that they will not leave any harmful chemicals behind.

I hope this info is helpful. Thank you again for your review. ❤️

Wool Dryer Balls
Pembrey Cottage

These wool dryer balls are absolutely brilliant. Shorter drying time and wonderfully soft clothing. I only partially dry my clothes in the dryer then hang them on coat hangers and this combo is perfect. ♥️

Build A Bundle

I'm very pleased but I didn't
Receive my wooden scoop which I was looking forward to receiving? 😕

Hi Victoria. So please that you love your bundle and very sorry to hear that the scoop was missing. I'll pop one in the post for you today. 🙂

Can't fault it

I was recently sent the all purpose cleaner, and I absolutely love it! I haven't used any other cleaners, as I love it that much. I have high gloss cabinets and a stainless steel hob, and both are sparkling from the cleaner! It leaves no streaks and smells divine! Very happy customer 🤍

Love this amazing cleaner. Beautiful scent and really effective. Liked it so much I started a subscription!

All Purpose Cleaner
Emma Rickards
Utterly fabulous!!

My partner and I now actually enjoy cleaning up because of this all purpose spray! We both comment on the beautiful scent, literally every time we use it, and are so impressed with how well it cleans too.

It’s versatility is also a huge help as I don’t miss carrying around various bottles across the house whilst cleaning!

All I need now is some Lavender & Lemon shower gel and hand soap, I want to smell as good as my house now does! :)

Smells nice not sure on the cleaning

Beautiful scent and really effective product. Service was absolutely great and beautifully packaged so it felt like getting cleaning products was a treat!

Beautiful all purpose cleaner!

This smells amazing and is a dream to use! We use it to clean everything from kitchen cupboards and working surfaces to our dining table and doors. It's perfect 🥰

Wool Dryer Balls
Jude Coad

Love these, sure help with cutting down on the drying times xx

Breast Cancer Awareness Scrubbing Brush Set (donation with sale)
Jude Coad

Love this little brush , gets in all the knooks and crannies xx

All Purpose Cleaner
Tracey Fraser
Treat your home

I cannot get enough of this all purpose cleaner, we all know that eco friendly cleaners can be hit or miss but this is AMAZING!
I love that it can be used on most surfaces and its safe for both the humans and my pets, smells amazing too

Washing Up Liquid
Sara Tiegan
Love it

I just love this washing up liquid! My hands are no longer brittle after I do the washing up and a little is enough to clean all the dirty dishes. I love the fresh scent too, not to overpowering so it’s perfect. I just signed up for my first subscription. So glad I discovered this brand by chance at the market.

Cleaning Powder
Ramona Burns
Officially converted!

I’m not really one for leaving reviews but after using this magic powder for the last few weeks I want to tell everyone about it! I’ve been a long time user of bleach and harsh cleaning products so I honestly didn’t have high expectations for a “natural cleaning powder” but I was so wrong. This powder has removed burnt on food from pots I thought would never be clean again, it shines my sink, my chrome is sparkling and it’s great for cleaning the dreaded toilet. A little goes a long way too so it will last for ages. I won’t be without this powder now and I’ve happily ditched the bleach!

Cleaning Powder
Janette Rimmer
Lovely smelling product

I love the concept of this but it left marks all over my sink that wouldn’t buff out easily. Maybe I’m using it wrong ?

Hi Janette,

I’m sorry to hear you had trouble with the Cleaning Powder. I’m not sure how you were using it, but to clean a sink you can just sprinkle some dry powder directly onto the sink and scrub with a wet scrubber, then rinse well. If you don’t rinse it off completely anything left behind will form a paste as it dries and then you’ll have to rinse again. Here’s a video of someone cleaning their sink with it:

Feel free to email me if you have any questions.

All The Best,

Gentle laundry detergent

Really pleased with the beautiful scent of the laundry detergent. The only downside is there isn't a complimentary fabric conditioner. Mine totally obliterates the beautiful scent. Works a treat on my towels though!

Hi Janice. Thank you so much for your lovely review of the laundry detergent. I'm so pleased you like it! It's a shame to hear that your fabric conditioner overpowers the laundry detergent. I'm afraid I don't plan to make a complimentary fabric conditioner, but I definitely recommend you consider the Wool Dryer Balls ( as they replace the need for fabric conditioner and are much gentler on your clothes. x

Cleaning Powder
Bettina Bryan
Less is more

I love the cleaning powder packaged in a stylish aluminium jar ,it looks good openly displayed and tackles grease and grime with ease leaving a fresh healthy scent behind
The same applies the the spray
Dr Bettina Bryan

Amazing product 😁

Amazing product

All Purpose Cleaner
Catherine Pritchard
My partner thought the kids had found his aftershave!

Love the product. Smells divine, so much so my partner thought our youngest had found his aftershave! Great on even the stubborn dried on cereal! And even glass for streak free shine. Super happy with this product!

This product was delivered today , the packaging is beautiful , silver and black , and the smell is just gorgeous. It didn’t make me sneeze or my eyes water , which is amazing for me . The whole kitchen smells beautiful and I have lovely shinty sinks and worktops

Effective liquid cleaner with a gentle natural scent.

I have reordered this laundry detergent and I think its a firm favourite for the future.
Its works, it smells nice and its eco and natural credentials suit the washing generated by my family and my natural therapy business. I am delighted that there is no plastic anywhere.