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Organic Cleaning Cloth

Organic Cleaning Cloth

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Discover the ultimate eco-conscious solution for your kitchen and bathroom. Say goodbye to traditional plastic sponges and hello to this versatile cloth, thoughtfully designed with versatility in mind. Each cloth features a dual-sided design: a 100% organic cotton side for those delicate cleaning tasks and a robust sisal fibre side for more demanding chores.

These cloths go beyond basic functionality; they're equipped with a convenient pouch for inserting a solid soap bar. After use, simply squeeze out the water and hang it to dry by the loop, keeping your space tidy and your cloth ready for its next use.

Crafted from a denser, more resilient fabric, these cloths not only stand up to rigorous use but also boast exceptional absorbency and the ability to withstand numerous wash cycles, ensuring a lasting addition to your cleaning arsenal.

Included in the set is:

1x Eco-Friendly Washing Cloth 

How To Use

To ensure that your dish cloths last as long as possible, please follow these instructions:

1. Our organic dish cloths are highly absorbent. Wring them out after every use to avoid the build up of harmful bacteria.
2. Wash at 30-40 degrees in a washing machine or put your cleaning cloths through the dishwasher.
3. After washing, wring until damp, then hang dry. Do not tumble dry or your dish cloths may shrink.

Versatile cleaning companions: Effortlessly switch from gently cleansing your fine glassware with the soft organic cotton side, to tackling stubborn grime on pots, pans, and tiles using the durable sisal surface of our cloths.

Easy care and quick to dry: Keep your cloths fresh by washing them in your machine or dishwasher on a gentle cycle. They're quick-drying and come with a convenient loop for hanging. Remember, skip the tumble drying.

Eco-conscious and animal-friendly: Embrace sustainable cleaning with our cloths, designed for the eco-aware and vegan lifestyle. They're completely free from animal derivatives and plastics, aligning with a zero-waste philosophy.

Dual-purpose as an exfoliating tool: Transform our cloths into a spa-like exfoliating mitt by inserting a natural exfoliating soap bar. The sisal side is ideal for sloughing off dead skin, leaving you feeling rejuvenated.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Margaret C.
Excellent product

Very good quality cleaning cloth. I used it round the kitchen and washed it at 30 degrees with non bio product and it’s as good as new. I am sure it will be hardwearing.

Kristina K.

Very sturdy cloth that's also multi-purpose. Love it!


Great cleaning cloth. I love that it's double-sided so I always have a handy scrubber for stuck on food when I need it. Cleans counters and glass well.