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Manufacturers are not required to specify ingredients in cleaning products.

The Hidden Dangers of Conventional Cleaning Products

Behind the sparkly sheen of conventional cleaning products lurk a cocktail of potentially harmful ingredients: dyes, phthalates, ammonia, bleach, triclosan, formaldehyde, parabens, optical brighteners, synthetic fragrances, and a myriad of petrochemicals.

But here's the shocking part:

Manufacturers aren't mandated to reveal all the components of their concoctions. So, what's really nesting in your cupboards and creeping around your surfaces?

While many brands tout the safety and quality of their ingredients, their refusal to disclose them raises an eyebrow. If they're genuinely proud and transparent, why the secrecy?

All Purpose Cleaner - Lavender & Lemon

Demystifying the 'Chemical' Debate

Yes, it's true: "everything is a chemical," including the water we sip and the air we breathe. The world runs on chemical interactions, many of which have undeniably bettered and even prolonged our existence. The real concern isn't chemicals per se but discerning which ones adversely affect our health or our planet.

Moreover, "natural" or "naturally derived" doesn't equate to being intrinsically safer or eco-friendlier. The safety of an ingredient extends beyond its origin. Its dosage, application, and relevance to the task are all pivotal considerations.

Lavender & Lemon: A Transparent Promise

At Lavender & Lemon, we champion transparency. Every ingredient we use stands proudly on our website and product labels. No hidden secrets, no perplexing terms, only pure honesty. Should any ingredient pique your curiosity, we're always happy to answer any questions, so do get in touch.

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Free From

Phthalates, synthetic fragrance
and harmful chemicals.

Naturally Scented

100% Pure Essential Oils. Certified Organic by The Soil Association.


Biodegradable ingredients with minimal environmental impact.

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Ethically Sourced

Our suppliers are socially and environmentally responsible.

The Power of Essential Oils

Essential oils are more than just aromatic treasures. Many are clinically acclaimed for their:

Antibacterial Properties: Combating and restricting bacterial proliferation.

Antiviral Abilities: Eliminating or impeding virus reproduction.

Antifungal Capacities: Thwarting fungal growth.

At Lavender & Lemon, we use the purest, certified organic essential oils, ensuring their potency and purity remain uncompromised.

Harnessing the Best of Nature and Science

At Lavender & Lemon we use gentle, ECOCERT, COSMOS and Soil Association approved plant-derived surfactants, preservatives, and mineral ingredients.