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Seep Copper Scourers

Seep Copper Scourers

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Made by our good friends over at Seep, these beautiful copper scourers are hardy, long-lasting, and antibacterial.

Suitable for use on grimy oven racks and with sticky, burnt-on foods like those filthy roast pans we all have!

They work on the toughest of the tough - even on limescale under toilet rims. We’ve even heard of them being used as a natural slug repellent in the garden!

One thing to be aware of is they’re not non-scratch, so avoid using these on non-stick or delicate surfaces.

Why we love them:

✨ Copper is infinitely recyclable, meaning somebody can reuse it.
✨ Copper is a non-ferrous metal and doesn't contain iron, so it won't corrode or rust when exposed to oxygen.
✨ Copper is naturally antibacterial, meaning good things for food preparation (aka limited food-borne illnesses.)

Includes three copper scourers, each 38 x 20 x 18cm.

How To Use

Rinse before and after use and leave to dry. Use with common detergent or liquid soap (avoid acidic liquids). Freshen up by washing in dishwasher or washing machine (30 or 40 degrees Celsius).

Copper is a highly valuable non-ferrous metal and can be infinitely recycled without degrading or losing any of its properties.

Check your local council will accept copper in your green recycling bin. Ensure you rinse the scourers of any residual food, as this could risk contaminating porous materials such as paper and card in the same recycling load and rendering it all unrecyclable.

If your council doesn’t collect copper, you can either take it to your local metal recycling centre or you can take it to your nearest scrap yard. Search “metal recycling centre near me” online.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

I've re-purchased these multiple times. Great for getting off stuck on food.

Sarah W.
These scourers are rust-free and gentle on my hands and pans.

I love these scourers as I was fed up with my silver metal brillo pads rusting after the first use. Also brillo pads have sharp wires that stick into my hands and scratch my pans, but these copper pads are soft and gentle with bare hands yet totally effective. I will NEVER switch back. And am planning on buying more as presents.


Great product. Gentle but effective.